iPhone 8 Line

So I suppose my line experience could certainly have been worse, but I will say it wasn’t terribly fun being the only person in line for ~5 hours. Last year the line at Apple Boylston Street got pretty deep by around midnight, not enough that people who showed up later couldn’t get their phone but they might not get their preferred size/color model. So I made sure to arrive close to midnight, ended up getting there around 1:30, and was really shocked that I was the first person in line.

Fast forward 5 hours until the next person came in line. It was a really windy night, drizzled for a couple hours (one of the employees was nice enough to give me an umbrella. I should stop trusting Siri when she says it isn’t gonna rain), and it was neat watching all of the employees set up the store. At one point there was a cart with probably $2K worth of Apple Watch Bands just loosly piled onto the bottom shelf which was amusing.

Ended up getting the stuff I wanted though, so I can’t really complain too much. At 8 when they opened I’d guess there were 20 people in line, so I’m still glad I got there early. Just annoying that I could have gotten an extra five hours of sleep and still been first in line.

Also, the iPhone X launch is going to be crazy.