Apple Keynote Fiction

Six Colors - Imagining the Introduction of a “Siri Speaker”

This is the second example I can think of from a genre I’m referring to ‘Speculative Apple Keynote Fiction,’ and I love the genre more than I acknowledge I should.

I’m really hoping that this Siri Speaker (I actually like the name Jason came up with better, but Siri Speaker sounds more generic and plausible at the moment) is real and will be coming at WWDC. I’m a heavy Siri and HomeKit user, and have been really wanting an Echo for the past year or so but I’ve held off for two reasons.

First, I’m as concerned as I imagine a person can be about privacy while still considering adding an internet connected microphone to their house. Apple has a much better record about maintaining user privacy than Amazon’s neutral record or Google’s abysmal record, so I’ve been holding off on getting tied up in any of these ecosystems until Apple steps into the ring.

Second, I’m so deep in the Apple ecosystem I really can’t see anything else fitting into my digital lifestyle these days.

Going back to the article though, I think things like this are just so fun, especially since I can hear the voices of Phil and Tim so clearly in my head. I’m not convinced that the hardware will be coming at WWDC like it’s rumored to, both because it’s really soon and we haven’t heard any rumors about the hardware and because Apple doesn’t typically release hardware at WWDC, much less a new MacBook lineup and a completely new product, but it would be a really nice surprise and I’d love to have the Siri Speaker in my home this summer.

Here’s the other example of Speculative Apple Keynote Fiction by the way. Jong-Moon Kim’s essay on how Steve Jobs would have introduced the Apple Watch. He makes some assumptions I don’t agree with, but it’s a fun thought experiment.

“This is what technology is for. It’s not about megapixels. It’s not about having the largest screen size. It’s about knowing there are people who care about you in this world.” Very Steve.