iPhone Tennis Event Predictions

Just a handful of hours to go until the event kicks off. Looking forward to watching it with my team at work today and snacking on some Shake Shack, but first I wanted to jot down some predictions. That’s a big part of the fun of these events, and this time I wanted to put them here so I can be held accountable for how wrong I turned out this evening.

Leaks have pretty much confirmed the big things. iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR, Series 4 in 40mm and 44mm are pretty much locked in. As for what’s different with the XS, I’m gonna say in addition to the regular improvements on speed and such we’re gonna see a faster, wider viewing angle for FaceID, and a much improved microphone (using what they learned from HomePod) for better Hey Siri. Maybe even 120hz refresh rate on the display!

I’m expecting some updates on AirPower, ship date for the same day as the iPhones (presumably next week) and price info ($199 minimum), but no major differences between this and what was announced last year. Hopefully the Series 3 will still work with it, but that could always be something they had to adjust during the delay, which I am concerned about, but 🤞.

It’s been odd that iPad info hasn’t leaked, but I am predicting an update to the Pro line to bring it in line with the iPhone features, being FaceID, edge to edge screen, gesture based navigation (which already happened with iOS 12.) Last minute leaks are suggesting this won’t happen, but I think there’s still a better chance.

As for AirPods I don’t really expect a significant update, but we will get more info after the event about the inductive charging case. My guess is $59-79 for the case itself, no price drop on AirPods themselves.

HomePod may be mentioned and there may be a price adjustment, but we won’t get a significant update to it.

And that’s pretty much what I’m expecting. I’d love to be wrong about some of the stuff we won’t see, in particular I’d love an update to the MacBook, Mac mini, and maybe a lower cost addition to the HomePod line, but I guess we’ll see this afternoon!