External Storage Rumors for iOS 13

New APIs in iOS 13 - Rambo @ 9to5mac

Man, these scoops from Rambo just won’t stop until June I guess?

Some interesting stuff in here, I’m particularly excited for a Search Siri Intent that will go a long way to actually making Siri Intents usable for lots of classes of apps.

One thing I’m concerned about however is the note about external device access APIs.

With a new API, apps will be able to capture photos from external devices such as cameras and SD cards, without having to go through the Photos app.

This doesn’t need to mean that there won’t be Files level access to external storage, but suddenly I’m concerned that they’ll just add an API to the same photo import access they already use in the Photos app and call that done until next year. Fingers crossed that this API is on top of general improvements to external storage access including allowing the contents to show in Files and be used by any document based app. 🤞