2020 Plans

This is gonna be a big one. Not only because it’s the end of the 2010’s, a decade where I graduated high school, met some amazing friends, met my future wife, moved to a state where I had zero friends or family, got a great head start on my career, got married, bought a house, etc. You get the point, a lot happens in a decade, and everyone is having a moment of reflection which is really fun to take part in. But mostly I’m excited about what the next year and decade will bring.

My wife and I are expecting our first child in March. We’ve talked about this on our podcast We’re Trying for a few months now, but I haven’t formally announced this news to the internet yet. Not because I’m nervous, we’ve covered that pretty well on the podcast, but because I’m so excited and joyful that I haven’t really known how to express this in words.

I’m so lucky that my wife and I are happy, healthy, and coming at this on our own terms. We’re gonna kick ass as parents, and I can’t wait to bring that sweet baby home and show them just how beautiful life can be. I’m so happy to be working from home full time, so even while Rosalee is on maternity leave and I’m still at work, I can still be around to see some of the milestones that many parents have to miss due to work. I’m so happy we have a house with an extra room for the baby, and no neighbors making noise down or upstairs, or who we’d worry about the baby disturbing. I’m so happy to have a great support network, and a mother who is retired and ready to start grandma duties.

All in all, I’m just so happy for this new year. This is the year when my wife and I start growing our family.

Littlest Chestnut

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Happy New Year

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