watchOS Updates Suck

It’s still far too annoying to actually install watchOS updates. I spent most of last night trying to get my device updated to watchOS 4 beta 2, and I kept getting an error saying “The watch is not connected.” It was connected in Bluetooth Settings, both devices were on wi-fi, and they were both on their charges three inches from each other. Now this morning it finally registered that a watch was connected and needs to be updated, but it’s spent the last 30 minutes in the “Preparing…” stage, and I seriously doubt it’s going to finish before I need to leave for work. I was really hoping that this would get better/easier in watchOS 4, and I know this is still a beta, but I’ve had problems like this every time I go to update my watch. Guess now I’m just hoping that this doesn’t continue being a problem with a new watch this fall.